About Me

No, I am not a professional blogger or a professional traveler. I started blogging just out
of interest. My first blog was thekiransblog.blogspot.in which I had started in February 2010 and then this blog happened on the spur of the moment.

I always loved travelling but I always travelled to de-stress and not to explore, untill my vacations started getting too boring. I would excitedly plan my holidays; looks for the options to stay, visit, eat and have fun. A vacation for me meant staying at a lavish hotel, relaxing, eating good food and shoping. But gradually, it all became so boring that I started wondering why do I need to come to a
specific destination for all this. I could do this right at my home and in a much pocket-
friendly manner and soon the idea of vacation stopped charming me.

It was then that I realized that something was missing. I wasn't enjoying the beauty of the smaller things. I wasn't able to appreciate the greenery at the hill stations, the peace at the less crowded places, the music of the waves on a beach. And that changed the meaning of vacations for me entirely. I started traveling with a different notion and started looking forward to more travels as soon as I was back from one. And then the idea of this blog striked. I have created this blog to pen down my experiences of the destinations I visit, accomodations where I stay and the places where I eat. All the posts in this blog are related about the travels done by me personally.

By profession, I am an IT consultant in an MNC and apart from traveling I also enjoy reading.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. Have a nice reading!!

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